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Our Goal

As healthcare workers, your profession demands a lot, especially in light of COVID-19. Our goal is to ensure that your minds stay clear and your hearts stay happy.

This website was created by two undergraduate students at Tufts University: Megha Tandon and Krishan Guzzo (Class of 2023). We created this site to help boost the mental health statuses of healthcare workers around the world. After scouring the web for a site that not only presented mental health resources in an organized manner but also was designed for those working in healthcare, we found nothing. In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, we found it essential that such a resource be available, which led to the creation of this site. Though COVID might have been the catalyst that sparked this project, we plan to maintain it indefinitely.*

*All articles, videos, and online links posted on this site [this page excluded] are not our own.

Interested in learning about the creation of this site? Take a look at how we transformed our passions from Tufts into this resource!